Sunday, July 30, 2006

Business: ToChou-Cha (杜仲茶)

What is ToChou-Cha?
The photos above are ToChou Tree, very tall and the leaf is very big about the size of your face.
Here is some history and background of ToChou-Cha, sorry only in Chinese.


Chinese News:





Chinese website
Japanese website

This tea is getting popular in Japan recently. I knew it through TV on last Saturday, it's not a commercial story or advertisment but is a Doctor health news. They had done some testing on Human body and experiment, the result is very good and surprised. For example: if you drink this tea 3 times a day (500ml each time) and continue for 2 weeks it can burn your body extra fats about 50%. Some of them have been taken it for years and they all looks very young. There was an old lady age 54 year old but looks like 40. Nobody believed that she was already 54. Amazing isn't it?

I am looking forward to find any opportunity to bring this tea from Malaysia or China and sell to Japan. Or Bring this made in Japan ToChou Tea to Malaysia or other countries, but the price will be much higher. Do you have any connection?

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This information is very useful. thank you for sharing. and I will also share information about health through the website

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solusi masalah kewanitaan
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