Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Off-shore 5M Wind Turbine Premier - the Largest ever

REpower Systems' five-megawatt turbine, the largest ever off-shore, is piled to the seabed at a record depth of 44 meters.

HAMBURG/NIGG, GERMANY -- For the first time, a five-megawatt wind turbine by REpower Systems AG (Prime Standard, WKN 617703) has been set up for the first time on the open sea. The first of a total of two turbines for the "Beatrice" demonstrator wind farm has just been set up on a lattice-like jacket structure, piled to the seabed at a depth of 44 metres in the Scottish North Sea, in the Moray Firth.

Never before have wind turbines been set up in water this deep. Furthermore, it is currently the biggest turbine offshore. Prior to the installation, a floating crane barge carried the turbine with more than 900 tonnes on its hooks, 25 kilometres on the open sea from the port of Nigg. It is there that the two 5M wind turbines are shortly to be linked to the grid connection of the "Beatrice Alpha" oil rig and then commissioned.

The countdown has been running since July: the 5M nacelles, which were built in Bremerhaven, have been transported by cargo ship to the Scottish port of Nigg. One after the other, each of the 59 metre-high towers, nacelles and rotors for the turbines were assembled there. Parallel to this, the jacket structures were anchored with piles to the seabed. After the completion of the first 5M, it was necessary to wait for favourable weather conditions to minimise risks with the first installation in the North Sea.

Press Release by, Aug. 24, 2006

More details:

Have you ever seen such kind of Wind Mill before? Amazing isn't it?.....Engineering and Business.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Power-Generating Shock Absorber (PGSA) - For Automotive

Emhart/Tech Briefs Contest Winners 2005 - Entry Power Generating Shock Absorber

Electric and electric-gas hybrid vehicles will soon become the norm on our roads. With these new vehicles comes the opportunity to collect previously lost energy in a vehicle whose suspension is constantly in motion. A conventional automotive shock absorber dampens suspension movement to produce a controlled action that keeps the tire firmly on the road. This is done by converting the kinetic energy into heat energy, which is then absorbed by the shock’s oil. The Power-Generating Shock Absorber (PGSA) converts this kinetic energy into electricity instead of heat through the use of a Linear Motion Electromagnetic System (LMES). The LMES uses a dense permanent magnet stack embedded in the main piston, a switchable series of stator coil windings, a rectifier, and an electronic control system to manage the varying electrical output and dampening load. The electricity generated by each PGSA can then be combined with electricity from other power generation systems (e.g. regenerative braking) and stored in the vehicle’s batteries. (Read all scource )

Electromagnetic linear generator and shock absorber
Patent no. US2003034697 (US6,952,060)

More: Power-Generating_Shock_Absorber

Imagine your Shock Absorber can generate electricity, we can use these energy to reduce the load on Engine. This sound good for EV (Electric Vehicle) I will recommend this product to OEM soon. I think the product is not cheap too.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Recycling Liquid Wastes and Crude Oil into --> MagneGas™ and MagneHydrogen™


According to official data released by the U. S. Department of Energy (see, e.g.,, by ignoring the world-wide consumption of natural gas and coal, we consume nowadays about

74 million barrels of crude oil per day, which correspond to the consumption of about four trillion gallons of gasoline per day.(1.1)

Such a large consumption is due to the average daily use in our planet of about 500,000,000 cars, 1,000,000 trucks, 100,000 planes plus an unidentifiable number of additional vehicles of military, agricultural, industrial and other nature.

The primary environmental problems caused by the above disproportionate combustion of fossil fuels per day are the following:

1) The largest emission in our atmosphere of highly carcinogenic and toxic substances. This problem is known by experts, but rarely presented to the public in its true light, namely, that fossil fuel combustion exhaust are one of the primary origin of the widespread increase of cancer in our societies. In fact, a moment of reflection can soon identify the fact that we inhale on a daily basis carcinogenic substances from fossil gasoline exhaust in an amount which is much greater than the ingestion of carcinogenic substances contained in food, a ratio technically quantifiable in the ratio of 10,000 to 1, or the daily emission in our atmosphere of about seven millions tons of carcinogenic substances per day. The terms "hydrocarbon emission" or "atmospheric pollution" are euphemisms for very toxic breathing.

Any person seriously interested in the environment can request from analytic laboratories the measurement of the pollutants existing in the atmosphere of densely populated urban areas, and the identification of carcinogenic components (click here for the chemical analysis of gasoline exhaust). Only by avoiding political talks and conducting scientific measurements the carcinogenic nature of the combustion exhaust of fossil fuel can appear in its full sinister light. (Continue click here:

More information: Santilli_magnecule_MagneGas_fuel/

Patent Numbers US2003106787 (6, 926,872), US2002004022 (6,673,322); US2003133855 (6,663,752); 6,540,966; and 6,183,604.

If you have time, I would suggest you to read through this article. What is the solution? Click on the title above to find out more about MagneGAS. You can be their partner too click here ->

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS)

Floating Wind Generators

The Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) is an innovative lighter-than-air tethered device that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, efficiently generating clean renewable electrical energy at a lower cost than all competing systems.

Electrical power generated at the floating Air Rotor is transferred down the tether to ground level equipment. Depending on size of the Air Rotor, power is sent to users ranging from campers to large power grids. Helium (an inert non-flammable lighter-than-air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds. No towers or heavy foundations are necessary and sizes range from small "backpack" models to large megawatt generating devices.

Due to design simplicity, low capital & operating costs, and higher efficiency, MARS represents a paradigm shift from the standard wind turbines of today. Magenn Power will start a projected billion-dollar business through sales and licensing of its wind generators. Our first step is the development of a 4 KW prototype which the company will demonstrate in the latter part of 2006.


Have you ever seen such kind of Giant Air Balloon power generator before?
Find out more click on the title. or PowerPoint presentation

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

The MEG has produced up to 100 times more power than was input, by extracting free energy from the vacuum. The MEG has been independently constructed, and its overunity performance independently replicated, by other researchers. US Patent awarded March 26, 2002. Invented by Tom Bearden and four colleagues.

Patent no. US6362718B1

Abstract of US6362718
An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. A first input coil and a first output coil extend around portions of the first magnetic path, while a second input coil and a second output coil extend around portions of the second magnetic path. The input coils are alternatively pulsed to provide induced current pulses in the output coils.

Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the magnetic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets extending in an alternating fashion between the plates. An output coil extends around each of these posts. Input coils extending around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current within the output coils.

“. . . maybe, just maybe . . . March 26, 2002 will be the date I put in my diary as the day the world changed—forever.”
Nick CookThe Hunt for Zero PointU.S. Edition, 2002
Who is he?

This patent was filed in Year 2002 and I haven't seen any products had been produced or marketed yet. Just wondering, why nobody interested it?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Free energy does exist?? Find out more from STEORN

We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.
This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all.

Our technology has been independently validated by engineers and scientists - always off the record, always proven to work.

Steorn’s technology appears to violate the ‘Principle of the Conservation of Energy’, considered by many to be the most fundamental principle in our current understanding of the universe. This principle is stated simply as ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form’.

Steorn is making three claims for its technology:

1) The technology has a coefficient of performance greater than 100%.
2) The operation of the technology (i.e. the creation of energy) is not derived from the degradation of its component parts.
3) There is no identifiable environmental source of the energy (as might be witnessed by a cooling of ambient air temperature).

The sum of these claims is that our technology creates free energy.
Irish Energy miracle 'a joke' (The Age; Australia; Aug. 20)

Remarks: One of the basic principles of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form.
The energy isn't being converted from any other source such as the energy within the magnet. It's literally created. Once the technology operates, it provides a constant stream of clean energy."
More info.: Steorn_Free_Energy

Patent no. WO2006035419

Updated on 25th of Aug 2006
Updated on 26th of Aug 2006
Updated on 11th of Sept 2006 VIDEOS: Steorn free energy Sky News Interview

I have registered my Email address to this company, wish to know the results soon. If you too have interest to know, please click --> - Official website to get register.

Honda's New patent of Heat exchangers of multiple cylinder internal combustion engine

Honda has received a patent on an exhaust heat exchanger that harnesses the heat energy from the exhaust through a thermal exchange, which can then be converted into electrical energy through a thermal electric process or to drive a turbine/generator.

Abstract of US2003188728 (US7055315)
First heat exchangers (H4, H3, H2) are disposed within an exhaust port (18), within a pre-catalytic device (34), and on the downstream of a main catalytic device (35); the exhaust port (18), the pre-catalytic device (34), and the main catalytic device (35) being provided in each exhaust passage (33) of a multicylinder internal combustion engine. These first heat exchangers (H4, H3, H2) are independently provided for each of the exhaust passages (33), and a second heat exchanger (H1) is disposed in a section where these exhaust passages (33) are combined. Since the first heat exchangers (H4, H3, H2) are disposed on the upstream side of the exhaust passage (33), high heat exchange efficiency can be obtained by high temperature exhaust gas, and, moreover, the occurrence of exhaust interference can be avoided, thereby preventing any decrease in the output of the internal combustion engine. Furthermore, since the second heat exchanger (H1) is disposed in the section where the exhaust passages (33) are combined, the exhaust gas in which pulsations have disappeared as a result of the flows being combined can be made to act on the second heat exchanger (H1), thereby enhancing the heat exchange efficiency.

Patent no. US2003188728 (US7055315) 9th OCT 2003

Do you know that, Honda has a patent of Transforming Exhaust Heat energy into electricity to increase engine efficiency? Wow what a good idea. Using this device we can generate electricity to reduce alternator load and indirecty reduce engine load. Actually as you may aware that, Air-con did put up load to engine and by removing it, for sure it will help to increase engine performance. Don't know when can I see the first production car with this technology from Honda.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rotary Air Engine - By ENGINEAIR (Zero emission)

Engineair Pty Ltd, established on 9 September 2000, with the objective to perform research and development on an innovative air motor design, invented and first tried by Di Pietro in 1997. In the first 2 years the company focused on developing prototype models to test the concept and understand the performance characteristics. During this period additional prototypes were tested, showing improving performance, power to weight ratio and air consumption. The current development status shows performance and efficiency to be superior over state of the art air motor technology.

Based on these results the company is now entering commercialisation of its technology.

Engineair operates from modern dedicated facilities in Brooklyn, close to Melbourne City. Facilities with an area of 1100 sqm office and workshop area include state of the art test and performance measurement systems.

How it works?

For more information contact:
Engineair Pty Ltd, Angelo Di Pietro Telephone 03 9318 0011 Fax 03 9318 0088,
E-mail: or
Melbourne Market Authority, David Traficante Telephone: 03 9258 6161 Fax: 9687 4001.

More information- Technical

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Malaysian Scientist claims to have cracked water-fuel secret

JOHOR BARU: A car that runs on water and petrol? That would be a breakthrough technology in these times of escalating fuel prices. And one man says it can be done.

Dr Halim Mohd Ali, 40, claims he can reduce fuel consumption by half with the Hydrogen Fuel Technology (HFT) or hydroxene.

Dr Halim, director of Hydrogen Fuel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, said hydroxene uses water as a complementary fuel.

More info.:

POWERING AHEAD: LM Star Autoworld president Abdul Uza Sheikh Mohamad (right) and Dr Halim speaking to reporters on the hydroxene technology in Johor Baru yesterday. Water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen through high compression nano-technology before being pumped into the fuel line, he said.

“The new fuel mixture of petrol or diesel, hydrogen and oxygen is then injected into the engine where combustion takes place,” he said at the launch of hybrid cars by LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd here.

Dr Halim, who has a research centre in Putrajaya, said that he first patented hydroxene four years ago and would be re-filing the patent in the next two months.

He said that although he has received offers to sell the technology, some offers amounting to US$26mil (RM95.7mil), he had no intention of letting foreign parties get hold of it.

As simple as it sounds, Dr Halim is quick to add that the technology is difficult to copy, as it has a “secret recipe” which very few people know about.

“There are only 12 people in the world who know how hydroxene works and even then they only know 70% of the technology,” he said, adding that the core aspects of the technology remained with him.

Dr Halim, who has a doctorate in Physics from Birmingham University, said over RM12mil had been spent on hydroxene research and development in the last four years.

About 40% of the funding came from overseas, including Europe and the United States.

Dr Halim said the technology had been tested on some 200 Proton cars, as well as on a vehicle used by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Anybody knows the patent no.?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Device for conversion of centrifugal force to linear force and motion

What is CIP engine?
CIP is means "Cook Inertial Porpulsion"
It is not a new idea, in fact this invention had been filed for long time since 16th Dec 1980.

A device to employ centrifugal force for use as linear motion utilizing a pair of counter rotating arms about a common axle. One arm contains a mass splitable and transferable to the other arm and back again at one hundred and eighty degree intervals. The device may include a surface travel system or two of such devices may be employed in tandem for any mode of travel.

US patent no.US4238968

CIP Principle:
CIP Principle as explained by the inventor of the CIP Engine, Robert Cook.
Simplified Explanation of the CIP principle with animation by Victor Cook.

What a great idea! Interested to know more, click on the title, watch the animation and try to read the patent.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

THERE IS NO PLAN "B" :- For current Oil crisis or Oil Peak?

“The oil crisis is very, very near. World War III has started.It has already affected every single citizen of the Middle East.Soon, it will spill over to affect every citizen of the world.”Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, Vice President of the National Iranian Oil Company

Click here: Oil Crisis
Oil and Gas news

Global Crude Oil production chart until Mar 2006


I came across an interesting article which related to Oil crisis or world oil peak issue. I was confused too why there is no PLAN B besides using oil as world's main energy resources. I guess only the greedy business man and politician can tell us the truth.

If you wish to know more about Oil crisis, please read the article above you will have a better understanding of current oil crisis. (It's a long story.....)

Monday, August 07, 2006

UFO: Anti-gravity machine?? Antigravity Machine Patent Draws Physicists' Ire

Topic: Volfson, U.S. Patent 6,960,975 "Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state". November 1, 2005.

A perpetual-motion machine may defy the laws of physics, but an Indiana inventor recently succeeded in having one patented.

On November 1 Boris Volfson of Huntington, Indiana, received U.S. Patent 6,960,975 for his design of an antigravity space vehicle. Read The claims.

Volfson's craft is theoretically powered by a superconductor shield that changes the space-time continuum in such a way that it defies gravity. The design effectively creates a perpetual-motion machine, which physicists consider an impossible device.

Journalist Philip Ball reported on the newly patented craft in the current issue of the science journal Nature.

Robert Park, a consultant with the American Physical Society in Washington, D.C., warns that such dubious patents aren't limited to the antigravity concept.

"I might hear a complaint about a particular patent, and then I look into it," he explained. "More often than not it's a screwball patent. It's an old problem, but it has gotten worse in the last few years. The workload of the patent office has gone up enormously."

Some people might consider patents on unworkable products to be relatively harmless. Park, a physics professor at the University of Maryland at College Park, disagrees.

"The problem, of course, is that this deceives a lot of investors," he said. "You can't go out and find investors for a new invention until you can come up with a patent to show that if you put all this money into a concept, somebody else can't steal the idea.

"[Approving these kind of patents can] make it easier for scam artists to con people if they can get patents for screwball ideas."

Source 2

In November 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Boris Volfson, a United States of America inventor, U.S. Patent 6,960,975 (PDF) for an anti-gravity device. According to Robert Park, Volfson's device amounts to a perpetual motion machine, defying the theories of physics.[2] [3] [4] It contains magnets and electromagnets of the superconductive type. The power plant has a reaction motor.

Wallace, U.S. Patent 3,626,605 "Method and apparatus for generating secondary gravitational force field". December 14, 1971.
Wallace, U.S. Patent 3,626,606 "Method and apparatus for generating a dynamic force field". December 14, 1971.
Wallace, U.S. Patent 3,823,570 "Heat pump". July 16, 1974.
Taylor, U.S. Patent 5,197,279 "Electromagnetic energy propulsion engine". March 30, 1993.
Brainard, et al., U.S. Patent 6,353,311 "Universal particle flux pressure converter". March 5, 2002.
Torr, et al., U.S. Patent 6,891,712 "Field converter". May 10, 2005.
Volfson, U.S. Patent 6,960,975 "Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state". November 1, 2005.

Do you believed that, the US patent department (USPTO) has accepted or approved a patent so-called a UFO machine
U.S. Patent 6,960,975 (Date: 1st of Nov 2005)?
Refer to above information, what does it means? If it is true, Maybe we all can buy one of these UFO machine in future. If not, maybe it is just a dream machine eventually. Sometime I think is hard to know whether it is a new Invention or just a Dream. What do you think?

More story of Anti-gravity

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A $100 laptop??

Hundred Dollar Laptop Computer??

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit association dedicated to research to develop a $100 laptop—a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. This initiative was launched by faculty members at the MIT Media Lab. It was first announced by Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte, now chairman of OLPC, at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in January 2005.

The MIT Media Lab's research initiative revolutionizes how the world's children are educated by working with local ministries of education to distribute one laptop per child. The biggest hurdle was designing a genuinely useful computer that could feasibly be built for $100. At the same time, because the computer will be used by children in a wide variety of environments, the device needed to be very robust and able to operate off the grid with a hand-cranked on-board generator. The laptops will have wireless broadband that, among other things, allows them to work as a mesh network to create an ad hoc, local-area network. Because the system will be distributed throughout the world, its aesthetic is culturally neutral while appealing to children from five to fifteen. The design has been a huge public relations hit, and several partners have come on board. Red Hat will produce software, Taiwan's Quanta will manufacture the machines and AMD will supply the processors. The first 5 million units will be shipped to China, Brazil, India, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria and Thailand by the end of the year.

Wish to contact them:
or Email

Fuel Cell car: The GM Hy-wire (Top Gear video)

Hy-Wire isn't like any car you've ever seen before. The name has a double meaning. That's "hy" for its hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The second half of the name means this high-tech prototype uses a videogame style controller, rather than mechanical controls, for steering, braking and accelerating. A drivable version of the General Motors Autonomy, first shown last January, Hy-wire also features an interchangeable body. In this case, a spacious four-door sedan, but it'd be easy to swap that for a sports car or SUV body.

GM claims Hy-wire could completely revolutionize automotive design and manufacturing. The question is when. Several Japanese automakers plan to begin limited sales of the first fuel cell vehicles later this year. GM officials insist the challenge isn't to be first to market, but to be first to produce a fuel cell vehicle with the range, price and performance of a conventional automobile, at a cost consumers are willing to pay. That means a car like Hy-wire likely won't reach showrooms 'til sometime closer to 2010.

More information
Watch how Fuel Cells Works - Video

Watch the video from TOP GEAR.

By 2010? So, What are your waiting for? Shall we shift to Fuel Cell car soon?

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