Monday, August 28, 2006

Recycling Liquid Wastes and Crude Oil into --> MagneGas™ and MagneHydrogen™


According to official data released by the U. S. Department of Energy (see, e.g.,, by ignoring the world-wide consumption of natural gas and coal, we consume nowadays about

74 million barrels of crude oil per day, which correspond to the consumption of about four trillion gallons of gasoline per day.(1.1)

Such a large consumption is due to the average daily use in our planet of about 500,000,000 cars, 1,000,000 trucks, 100,000 planes plus an unidentifiable number of additional vehicles of military, agricultural, industrial and other nature.

The primary environmental problems caused by the above disproportionate combustion of fossil fuels per day are the following:

1) The largest emission in our atmosphere of highly carcinogenic and toxic substances. This problem is known by experts, but rarely presented to the public in its true light, namely, that fossil fuel combustion exhaust are one of the primary origin of the widespread increase of cancer in our societies. In fact, a moment of reflection can soon identify the fact that we inhale on a daily basis carcinogenic substances from fossil gasoline exhaust in an amount which is much greater than the ingestion of carcinogenic substances contained in food, a ratio technically quantifiable in the ratio of 10,000 to 1, or the daily emission in our atmosphere of about seven millions tons of carcinogenic substances per day. The terms "hydrocarbon emission" or "atmospheric pollution" are euphemisms for very toxic breathing.

Any person seriously interested in the environment can request from analytic laboratories the measurement of the pollutants existing in the atmosphere of densely populated urban areas, and the identification of carcinogenic components (click here for the chemical analysis of gasoline exhaust). Only by avoiding political talks and conducting scientific measurements the carcinogenic nature of the combustion exhaust of fossil fuel can appear in its full sinister light. (Continue click here:

More information: Santilli_magnecule_MagneGas_fuel/

Patent Numbers US2003106787 (6, 926,872), US2002004022 (6,673,322); US2003133855 (6,663,752); 6,540,966; and 6,183,604.

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