Thursday, August 10, 2006

Device for conversion of centrifugal force to linear force and motion

What is CIP engine?
CIP is means "Cook Inertial Porpulsion"
It is not a new idea, in fact this invention had been filed for long time since 16th Dec 1980.

A device to employ centrifugal force for use as linear motion utilizing a pair of counter rotating arms about a common axle. One arm contains a mass splitable and transferable to the other arm and back again at one hundred and eighty degree intervals. The device may include a surface travel system or two of such devices may be employed in tandem for any mode of travel.

US patent no.US4238968

CIP Principle:
CIP Principle as explained by the inventor of the CIP Engine, Robert Cook.
Simplified Explanation of the CIP principle with animation by Victor Cook.

What a great idea! Interested to know more, click on the title, watch the animation and try to read the patent.

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