Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smokers Pole

Smokers Pole is a steel cylinder for the disposal of cigarette butts. It aims to solve problems involved with littering of cigarette butts.

The Smokers Pole aims to solve three of the biggest problems involved with littering of cigarette butts and they are:
1 - encouraging individuals to extinguish butts in receptacles to contain waste and to reduce the environmental impact of littered cigarette butts.
2 - cleaning out of cigarette containers or receptacles in public spaces.
3 - and extinguishing of fire embers

patent no. WO2005044698

I always prefer to do business which related to environment, I think this Smokerspoles products will helps to solve cigarette litter problem. Besides selling the poles, they also provide the cleaning service work, where the cigarette butts will be collcected by a special machines (like a vaccum cleaner) or trunks (see the photo) which designed by this company. Another advantage of this product is, we can earned extra money through advertising. (If you look carefully, this pole can insert promotion papers in it)

Check out the Alfresco Products Price List (You can rent or buy it)

May this business interest you? We can discuss the pros and cons of it first.


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