Sunday, July 23, 2006

Water Powered Bike from Australia

Believed it or Not!
"Simply put, Bios Fuel splits the Water Molecule to produce Fuel."

Australian inventor, Steve Ryan, has apparently devised a method of using water used as fuel directly, in contrast to using water as a source of Hydrogen, which then serves as the combustable fuel.

About BiosFuel:
Bios Fuel is a Registered Trade mark of Bios Societe Corporation Limited
(A Private Registered Company, In Wellington, New Zealand)

Bios Fuel is involved in bringing about the eventual goal of free energy to the population of this planet we call Earth through Research & Development.

Simply Explained, Bios Fuel splits the Water Molecule to produce Fuel.

You may say, there is nothing new about this phenomenon, we agree as Farraday discovered this process in the late 1700’s & yet progress has been limited to a few individuals and the perception of the limitation of Physics and the application towards this Energy.

Bios Fuel has taken what has been known in the art as Hydrogen & refined the process & delivery of this art.


Did you see that, I mean the video and the demonstration, using Water to run a bike? I am still wondering how he did it.
Hidrogen can be splited by some chemical and it was a sceret. Mmmm....if it is true I think it will be a good business to me. Anyone out there knows about this technology? Share with me please.

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